Om oss


living4media är en förstklassig bild byrå som specialiserat sig på hem hos & lifestyle. Vår snabbt växande samling är unik, och för samman bilder och genre teman som trädgårdar, inredning och livsstil, som skapats av världens ledande fotografer och producenter av innehåll.


living4media’s wide-ranging collection includes both single images (Rights-managed and Royalty-free) and ready-to-use feature articles on a wide variety of related themes:

living4media offers inspiration as well as images and features. Special selections of inviting images are showcased on a regular basis, spotlighting new and developing trends. From photography styles to color schemes, design and materials to events and seasons, we’ve got it all covered.

Our in-house editorial department can provide original text to accompany all images, features and special selections; these are also available in several possible translations.


Tack vare nära kontakter med många av världens mest beundrade inredningsfotografer kan living4media alltid snabbt reagera på aktuella händelser och aktuellt mode. Vi fokuserar på nya trender, och bidrar även till att skapa dem.

Our database of photographers & agencies includes both seasoned photographers at the top of their profession and up-and-coming young artists who are just getting established. On-going collaboration with a number of prestigious international agencies ensures a lively flow of ideas and constant access to rising talent.

Ditt L4M Team

Our team is actively involved in presenting fresh image ideas and customized offers to creative professionals from the media, advertising and marketing industries. Our clients also enjoy a custom picture research service offering a personalized response to all requests, however simple or complex.

As an independent agency under the umbrella of Image Professionals GmbH, living4media has excellent contacts and an excellent understanding of its customers’ needs. Since 2016, Image Professionals has been a subsidiary of Hubert Burda Media. United under one roof, you will find leading international specialist picture agencies on the topics of food, living, beauty, science, medicine & health, garden and travel.