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living4media is dedicated to making your work easier. That’s why we developed our feature service: all-in-one articles that are complete and ready-to-use, with up to 50 related images. features bring together stunning image groups and original texts on a huge range of lifestyle themes, such as architectural innovations, DIY, hot trends in interiors, gardening advice and the latest news from the design world.

All features are accompanied by a clear usage history, indicating first and/or second rights. Images for features are delivered in their original size (JPG), together with a short introductory text (DOC). Longer texts and translations can be requested from our editorial team, as required.

As finished editorial pieces available to use immediately, features are a reliable alternative to in-house photo production, Here you can find creative, modern themes for transparent, predictable costs. The benefit to you: total control of costs with no personal effort or risk.

Features are provided as a ZIP file. This includes all images in original size (JPGs), the text in the original language and a PDF of the complete feature. Text is usually written in English, occasionally they may be in other languages. The language is always indicated on the preview page for the feature. Translations are available upon request.

Prices & ordering

All our features are available for exclusive licensing. Please contact us for a quote:

+46 8 673 75 00

Feature preview service

New features come in all the time. For advance notice of the latest, why not subscribe to our free feature preview service? It’s the only way to license features before they are online, ahead of the general public.

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